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Primer Review: Stynylrez Acrylic Urethane

NOTE: There's an update below that invalidates the nice smooth coating. That's not the only property of a primer!

Those of you who read my earlier articles may have noticed that I was a huge fan of DupliColor automotive primers. I was impressed by their durability and the strength with which they adhered to plastics and metal. Well, now there's a new primer-sheriff in town.

This stuff is seriously amazing. I sprayed a few spoons to test it out under the worst-case scenario of zero surface prep. I didn't even wash the spoons!(Paasche Talon, 0.38mm needle, 30PSIg)

But be careful if you prime anything besides polystyrene--this stuff doesn't stick to other plastics well. Polycaps? Nuh-uh. Polypropylene spoons (not polystyrene?) Nada. Focus on the polystyrene and you'll be fine! Now it's time to test out my new Badger airbrushes...

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