Primer Review: Stynylrez Acrylic Urethane

January 6, 2018


NOTE: There's an update below that invalidates the nice smooth coating. That's not the only property of a primer!


Those of you who read my earlier articles may have noticed that I was a huge fan of DupliColor automotive primers. I was impressed by their durability and the strength with which they adhered to plastics and metal. Well, now there's a new primer-sheriff in town.


This stuff is seriously amazing. I sprayed a few spoons to test it out under the worst-case scenario ofzero surface prep. I didn't even wash the spoons!(Paasche Talon, 0.38mm needle, 30PSIg)






So, as it turns out this product actually isn't much of a "primer." Yes, it goes on smoothly and looks great, but it can't be masked.

Yes, you heard that right. It's a primer that can't hold up to masking tape. Look at this spoon that I primed and coated with Tamiya Ocean Grey before using Tamiya masking tape to test the primer durability. Tamiya tape is one of the least tacky tapes out there--it gets the job done but doesn't overly bind to the surface.

Note that I only applied a small (0.5 inch) strip of tape folded around one of the edges (i.e. I didn't coat the entire front of the spoon in paint). But the whole front surface peeled off at once...even areas that didn't touch the tape. What?


 I'm going to have to recommend you avoid this primer. I'm going back to dupli-color!





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