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RDUCON 2017; or "oh dear gods my back why are these tables so low ow"

Photo Credit: Joel at TrueGunpla

Joel Stone (TRUEGUNPLA) and I spent our respective Saturdays (as you know, they are a finite resource) at a local International Plastic Model Society competition called RDUCON2017 put on by the IPMS Eagle Squadron chapter. We had a great time, and made out like Bandits with multiple awards; Joel and I both placed in the "Mecha" category, and one of my 28mm miniatures ended up winning the "Figures" category. Here's a full report!

The Military Stuff: Tanks and Planes and Helicopters

You've probably heard before that IPMS tends to cater to military and automotive modellers who value "realism" over fantasy and science-fiction works. Well...that turned out to be true! There were so many military models, and they were all intricately crafted and fully realistic. Check out the density of military models:

Here's a gallery of only a small fraction of the real-world military models. All extremely high-level!

Science Fiction and Mecha: "You stay in your corner and don't come out!"

Joel and I set up in the science fiction "mecha" section, which was in a far corner of the exhibition hall and only had about 8 entries (5 of which were ours). The other entries in that section were pretty awesome; There was a big blue VOTOMS-style mech and a scratch-built Iron Giant head which ended up winning the whole thing. And you probably recognize most of our Gunpla builds; Joel entered his Gyan, "Cold Front" SD Gyan, and Soviet Zaku II into ZakuAurelius's Zaku contest (Zaku Zaku Zaku), and I brought the Astaroth and the Shiki (both featured in Gundam Builds).

Photos? Photos.

It was a great Saturday! Already looking forward to next year.

Thank you, Eagle Squadron!

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