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HobbyBase 1/144 Fully-Articulated Hands Review

I know what you're thinking--I was also skeptical when I heard that a company made fully-articulated 1/144 hands. How could that ever work? The parts are way too small to be useful. Any attempt to make hands this size was destined to fail. Right? Wrong.


I picked these hands up for about $15USD, which is a great deal in my opinion. You get a bag containing a card and a few sprues, and the hands are assembled like so:

The scale is perfect for HGUC gundam model kits!

Each finger is molded from multiple parts on a sprue made of two different materials; the center joint is made of a softer plastic (almost polycap-like) while the first and third sections are molded in strong grey plastic. It's actually a pretty clever design, and holds a lot of detail!

Once the fingers are removed from the sprue, they snap into the "fourth joint" parts which are sandwiched between the palm and the hand-back parts. The resulting hands are flexible, poseable, and can even hold a convincing fist.

The joints are tight enough to hold themselves in any position you put them. They're really quite excellent, for the price.


The downside is that the joints are too weak to hold onto anything. They can't hold a beam saber, and they can't hold onto the handle of a rifle. They can convincingly look like they're holding onto those things, but your project will require some glue to really get those fingers to stay in the right position.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I still recommend these hands at the price-point. They're seriously awesome.

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