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Dreamforge Games Review: "Beowulf & Grendel"

Ok, this one is a little weird.

I used to play tabletop miniatures games. You know, the kind with those 28mm figures that you assemble and paint and then move around a terrain table? It's tons of fun, I highly recommend it.

That's relevant here because this kit is not a typical Mecha kit, though it is a Mecha accessory...for the Dreamforge Games Leviathan. It's a gun-arm!

Now, I do not own a Leviathan. But I picked up this kit because it's a freaking gigantic cannon, which is awesome. And I got it for $10, which is awesomer. Everyone on the same page? Good. Let's get started. FRONT AND BACK OF BOX:

So this thing is pretty cool. It's an extremely simple injection kit that goes together in about 10 minutes. The box contains two sprues, and two screws:

And the kit goes together very smoothly, but a warning to Gunpla veterans: this kit requires one tiny screwdriver and glue. Yes, it's a glue-together kit. But I'm honestly impressed by the detail and quality Dreamforge put into it! They really know their way around an injection mold.

And here are the final products! First, the long-barreled Beowulf cannon:

And his mother, the snub-nosed Grendel mortar:

Great accessory for customization. I'll check out more of the dreamforge Leviathan arms in the future!

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