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Review of Anubis H.C.W.S.

Today I'm reviewing the Anubis Design Studio H.C.W.S. (Heavy Close Combat Weapon System). I picked this up on eBay half a year ago, and they are now available several different places.

FIrst, let's talk about the manual. This manual is awesome--each instruction uses a 3D model of the parts to show how they fit. There is no ambiguity here since everything looks exactly as it does in reality. Neat!

This is a pretty simple build. It comes with injection-molded parts in black, transparent yellow, transparent green, and red. And it also comes with a couple of metal rods for the halberd haft. The instructions include multiple configurations, as seen on the front of the box. Overall this is a very flexible kit which can be used for a number of different configurations, as shown in the gallery below:

The downside is that the finished product is really fragile, and are prone to just falling to pieces with the slightest touch (kind of like the RG Zeta!). If you plan to pose it and leave it, this isn't really a problem. But during re-posing this "feature" really is a pain. But it looks great on 1/144 models. And I bet it would look great at 1/100 scale, as's basically right in between the two.

The box also includes these shoulder joints, but I'm not entirely sure what they're for. Anyone have an idea?

As always, thanks for stopping by! More reviews on the way. I have tons of stuff on my workbench to get to.

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