6 Jan 2018

NOTE: There's an update below that invalidates the nice smooth coating. That's not the only property of a primer!

Those of you who read my earlier articles may have noticed that I was a huge fan of DupliColor automotive primers. I was impressed by their durability and t...

8 Nov 2017

I know what you're thinking--I was also skeptical when I heard that a company made fully-articulated 1/144 hands. How could that ever work? The parts are way too small to be useful. Any attempt to make hands this size was destined to fail. Right? Wrong.


I picked t...

16 Oct 2017

Ok, this one is a little weird.

I used to play tabletop miniatures games. You know, the kind with those 28mm figures that you assemble and paint and then move around a terrain table? It's tons of fun, I highly recommend it.

That's relevant here because this kit is not a...

15 Oct 2017

Real talk, guys. So, these rifles are freaking massive. Like, these are the biggest rifles I've ever seen with the "1/100" label on them.

And since rifle size is directly proportional to awesomeness, these are two of the most awesome rifles in the world.

Check out this b...

17 Sep 2017

 Today I'm reviewing the Anubis Design Studio H.C.W.S. (Heavy Close Combat Weapon System). I picked this up on eBay half a year ago, and they are now available several different places.

FIrst, let's talk about the manual. This manual is awesome--each instruction uses a...

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